Rental of industrial and commercial premises

We create the most favorable rental opportunities for our customers

The buildings are adapted to the needs of the tenants according to the specific needs of the tenant. Convenient connection to the city center, developed infrastructure allows you to successfully develop your and our businesses.

We are worth choosing because:

  • we offer comfortable accommodation at an affordable price;
  • The Vanagine complex is conveniently located in the city;
  • the territory is fenced, guarded, equipped with modern video recording equipment.

About us

ŽŪB Vanaginė is located on the 11th kilometer of Molėtai highway, i.e. between Santariškės and Riešė. The main activity of the company is the rental of premises for various purposes. The total area of the company’s storage, production and office premises is more than 20,000 sq. M. m. The company has two power substations, its own water supply system, sewerage connected to the city networks and a natural gas pipeline. The area of the complex is fenced, lighted and protected. A modern video surveillance system is installed in the territory.


ŽŪB “Vanaginė”
Company code 286075760
Prašiškių 53, Vilnius district.
Rieses sen. Vanagine LT-14259
Work hours: I-V 08:00 – 17:00
Tel. 8 5 2469119, 8 5 2469503
Mob. +37068786572